About Us

The Canadian Women's Hockey League is the premier, professionally run women's hockey league in the world. The CWHL is a centrally funded league meaning that all participating teams in the CWHL receive equal access to funding and are given the same opportunities to succeed. Every dollar goes towards building a league that is dedicated to raising the profile of women's hockey while providing a place for the best female hockey players in the world to train and compete.

Our Players Associate With Heroes

Our players are the brightest and the fastest female hockey players in the world. Our game is based on speed, skill and finesse. The CWHL is affordable, family-friendly hockey entertainment. We encourage our fans to meet and interact with their heroes.

Meaghan Mikkelson: Calgary Inferno – 2010 Olympic Gold Medallist
"I'm so excited that Alberta finally has a team in the CWHL. I can train in Alberta, be close to my family, and still play against the best players in the world."

Caroline Ouellette: Montreal Stars – 3 time Olympic Gold Medallist
"The Montreal Stars are everything to me. They are the reason I have been fortunate enough to have represented Canada on a World Stage. They are the ones I share my highs and my lows with, and they are the ones I want to win the Clarkson Cup with."